The owner of this bike delivered it to our shop in Traverse City, Michigan from Camden, ME.  This is how it arrived.  The tank had a few scuffs, but was useable and pretty.  The carbs had K&N filters and there were other little indicators that this had been someones baby in a previous decade.  Compression was good and we had spark….Time to tear down!
 With each detab, the pile of brackets and pieces that we chop off is amazing.  We have left the center stand on a few builds for display purposes, but especially with the smaller displacement bikes, the power/weight ratio jumps with the elimination of that alone.
 The owner of this bike delivered the bike and a box of goodies that he had accumulated for the project.  The gadgets included:   Antigravity 8-cell Small Case Li-Ion Battery    MotoGadget m-unit Basic    MotoGadget m-Button    Motone Customs Switches    Motogadget Wiring Kit    Bar end Mirrors    LED Projection Headlight with Integrated Turn Signals
 We were able to give these old dingy carbs a bath and make them look like new both inside and out.  We powder coated the caps and the choke plates and blinged them out with new stainless hardware.  The  K&N filters  finish the look while also adding performance.  Check out those brand new chrome valve tappet covers we sourced from !
 We took some creative freedom on this build and sourced a period correct 2-into-1 exhaust.  Wrapped with  DEI titanium header wrap  and finished with a  Wide Mouth 1 to 1 muffler , it both looks great and sounds great!  In this shot we are dialing in that seat design.
 All loaded up.  We delivered this bike to Maine.
 MikesXS carries an “H-style” wheel that is a little bit wider than stock.  We laced it in with chrome spokes and wrapped them with these killer  Avon Trailrider Tyres  to give it more of a tracker look.  Once again, we relocated the front brake master cylinder under the seat and used a  Motogadget Motoscope Mini LED gauge  to clean up the dash.  Along with the  LED brake light  embedded in the tail hoop, with bike turned out super clean.
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