This little CL200 was already custom when we got it.  The previous owner had painted the frame and countless other parts green.  We knew the pipes weren't stock, but it turns out he had the whole thing apart at one point.  There were washers missing everywhere.
 These CB200 pipes were roached.  We'll stick with the low pipes look, but will keep them very low profile.
 The gold tank that came on the bike was completely rotted.  We had a little body work to do on the replacement tank so we decided to ditch the tabs and the rubber tank pad that came stock on the 200 tank.
 Black on black on black.  This was our first test fit of the headers and mufflers.  Believe it, or not, there are baffles in those mufflers.  We even fit a thin layer of fiber wrap to mellow out the sound a little.
 We spend countless hours doing just this in the Therapy Garage...  Notice the block under the center stand.  Not only did we mount Coker Firestone tires, but also went to a 18" front and rear to make this bike stand a little taller.
 The new owner of this bike wanted black on black on black.  The engine is getting paint bombed.  Fortunately, the engine mechanicals needed nothing.  
 Powder coated wheels, hubs, spokes ready to be wrapped in vintage style Coker Firestone tyres.  
 Carbs are cleaned and the bike is looking like a motorcycle.
 The new owner had originally planned to wrap his headers.  I think this picture convinced him to leave them chrome.  
 Our first "in house" paint job.  The new owner wanted to match the color of his first Jeep Wrangler.  
 She's small, but looking mean.
 All of our seats are upholstered in house.  Most of them are made with vinyl for durability.  This one, however, will break in like a fine pair of gloves.  It was made from a cow hide.  We may even do a tank strap to match.
 She still needs a few finishing touches in this pic.  But we're pleased with how she has turned out.  She sounds great and looks even better.  She'll be perfect for ripping around the streets of Hollywood.
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