The custom seat was quilted and upholstered right here in the Therapy Garage.  We also modified the front fender mounts to make it sit right on top of the front tire.  This was the final dramatic change from the stock SL350.  With the high ground clearance, this bike is perfect for hopping the curb and ripping off road.
 This bike was almost complete.  Ugly and nowhere near running, but a good foundation for customization.  I knew the frame geometry was going to limit the build to a tracker/scrambler style.  My goal was to keep the spirit of the scrambler but eliminate the design features that make these vintage SLs look more function over fashion.
3 Basket Cases
 The before shot of the engine.  This bike was sitting outside in the CA desert for 20+ years.  On top of that, it was stored without spark plugs.  There were black widows living inside the cylinder.
 She sounds as pretty as she looks.  After a week of Marvel's Mystery Oil and a little brut force, the engine broke free.  Some new enamel and some eBay points/tach covers made this engine shine!
 I found a nice CB360 tank on eBay.  It has perfect patina and only required a relocation of the tank mounts on the frame.  The rear seat hoop was chopped and modified to shorten the seat pan and eliminate the downward slope that the SL seat had stock.  Some simple turned down mufflers with removable baffles make this little twin sound mean when you twist the throttle.  The trials tires really keep it looking vintage moto.
 The custom look is achieved!  The rear hoop was chopped and welded at the perfect angle to follow the arc of a small rear fender. 
 The bike received new gauges, signals, and cables from Dime City Cycles.  These mini gauges were perfect for this smaller displacement bike with the classic moto handlebars.  
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