The   Carver CSR Surfboard Rack   completes this bike!  
 We lowered the forks 4" to give it a better stance, but retained the stock 21" front wheel so it can still handle off-road as it was intended.  The wheels and hubs were powder coated while the spokes were sent off for black nickel plating.  We then wrapped them with   IRC GP110 Dual Sport Tires  .
 This bike was commissioned by a local firefighter and I let him choose the platform and some key design features but he let me run with the build.  We had both fallen in love with the @dinamaxxxx “French Tracker” build and wanted a monoshock dual sport and he was willing to roll with anything we could find from a DR to an XL in any displacement.  We were able to score this 1985 XR600R that had been registered as street legal “back in the day”.  As of 2004, California no longer allows a person to add a light kit and register an off-road vehicle as “street legal”.  This bike, however, had been grandfathered in.
 We did a frame off rebuild and media blasted the original Honda orange frame down to bare steel and recoated in a satin black.  Other than a few tabs removed from the frame, it retains its pure off-road bones.
 The customer had to sell us on the dual headlight look... so we sold him on the   Motoscope Mini Digital Gauge  .  We have used it on a handful of our builds now and have fallen in love with it!  This bike will be making surf trips across the Mexico border and will easily switch from MPH to KPH!
 We typically use vinyl on our seats.  This seat, however, will be exposed to soggy surf shorts and wetsuits.  This material will be up for the challenge and looks killer with the contrasting stitching that matches the tank and the monoshock. 
 We welded in threaded bungs to quickly install or remove the surf rack.  The tracker style exhaust was welded up in house and really cleans up the tail section of the bike.  It is baffled to make it city friendly, but still sounds great!  Here is the   Muffler Tip   we used.
 We rebuilt the mono shock and powder coated the spring to pair with the tank.  The   tail light   is a simple LED strip with integrated turn signals like we have used on several other builds.
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